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A sugar mama is a woman who offers support (typically financial and material) to a younger companion in exchange for romantic or sexual pleasure.
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What is a Sugar Momma?

A lot of people think that
A sugar momma or mummy is a woman who dates and provides financial support to a lover who’s usually younger than them. A sugar mummy is typically a married or fairly wealthy woman who splashes out on their younger male in return for companionship or sexual intimacy.

What I think
Most people think that cougars are also sugar momma, they are a group of old women who use money to dominate young men and support young women. Not really, I think most of the ladies called sugar momma or cougar are just a bunch of very good, independent, attractive ladies. They have the same ability to work and live as excellent men, they are women with good income, own careers,own and unique values and outlook on life.They are so good and have no weaknesses that they have nowhere to rely on men in their lives. Being single is their last weakness.

What sugar momma dating relationship

You might think this is like sugar daddy dating, the way rich men take care of young women. Sugar momma dating is when a rich woman takes care of a young and hot boy. I have a completely different understanding. I think this relationship is mature and financially independent women who want to find a relatively disadvantaged man to find warmth in life. They are usually too good and thus lack the joy of life. In China, men in some places are especially afraid of their wives, but they think this is just a sign of respecting and loving their wives. So we can understand that sugar momma dating is a strong and excellent woman looking for a man who is closer to life, not necessarily a man much younger than herself. At the same time, they can become mentors to these men and help them become excellent too. (Of course, it is not ruled out that some men directly express their desire to find a rich woman and pay some bills for themselves. They should clearly realize that the best outcome is to make themselves better.)

Here are some advice what you need to know about the cougar/cub relationship.

* Cougars are Desperate for Sex – They have independent financial ability and unique charm, but they don't have much time to fall in love. So they don't have enough opportunities to experience crazy sex. They are at a more sexually demanding age, and they need someone to help them with this part of their regrets.These are all under the premise of absolute respect.

* Don’t Send Unsolicited Dick Pics – Unless they ask for it, dick pics are often the last things a cougar wants to see. They hate rude perverts the most.

* Cougars Are Desperate for Company – Their work is already very successful, and they don't need to run around to make money.They need you to be there for her when she needs it

* Respect – Sugar mummies are still normal human beings, so be cordial and ask questions about hobbies and interests instead of approaching them like a porn sampler or a sex object.Don’t create a situation that is hyper-sexualised but rather, focus on chatting person to person so that the sugar mummy doesn’t feel like she is just part of a sexual fantasy or a mere sexual object.

* Put Some Effort In – Put effort into your appearance in the way you dress and groom yourself! At the same time she wants you to make progress, because they are good, and she also wants you to be better. That way she will admit you to her friends

* Be honest and clear – Be honest and clear about your intentions when communicating with them. Give them the greatest sincerity and respect

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